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Passionate about Midlife Pilates - Let’s talk about Menopause Joint Pain and Injuries…

It’s no coincidence that many injuries start to pop up as we move through the stages of peri-menopause (which starts in our mid-forties) and move into menopause and post menopause.

So many women fail to connect the dots between menopause and their unresolved injuries and aching joints. I was the same. Frozen shoulders, Rotator cuff injuries, Back, Knee & Sciatica pain, Planta Fasciitis and Fibromyalgia are all conditions that we are seeing more often in clients seeking help in their recovery with us through Pilates. And what I’ve discovered is that there is a common denominator, so please READ ON …

For women transitioning through menopause, changing oestrogen and progesterone levels along with associated changes in our weight, cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar levels and cortisol (our stress hormone) can all affect inflammation in our body. But here’s the thing – declining levels of oestrogen also impacts joint health and integrity too. This then leaves women more vulnerable to midlife injuries and Musculo-skeletal problems, including lack of recovery from their exercise.

For example, frozen shoulders are 70 times more common in midlife women than in men. Rotator cuff injuries are also higher in menopause and post menopause and even more so in women with higher body weight, cholesterol and elevated blood sugar levels. Some of you will have heard about fibromyalgia and its prevalence in mid-life women too. This condition affects muscles and nerves and has become increasingly common in midlife women. It’s no surprise that oestrogen deficit as well as low Vitamin D has been considered a potential promoting factor.

That’s why, here at Studio Three, I feel passionate about getting the right Movement prescription for women in midlife.

Pilates is a great option for women in menopause. Not only is it great for rehabilitation, but we have the experience and expertise to help get you moving again ready for the next phase of your life. I’m so excited to help you, because I’ve been there myself.

My own personal health when I hit post menopause was a turning point. It prompted me to unravel the chaos and undertake further studies into women’s health specifically around our menopause transition. I went on to complete a 3 month health practitioners certification course with My Menopause Transformation Founder, Dr Wendy Sweet (PhD). Wendy is a women’s healthy ageing researcher who has pulled together a variety of lifestyle solutions from various disciplines to untangle menopause symptoms. Her work has got me excited about combining this physiology with my movement physiology when coaching midlife women.

· Rediscover how to Sleep all night!. Without sleep women don’t heal their injuries. So improving sleep is always the first step in reducing inflammation. If you are not sleeping between the hours of 2am-4am you are missing out on the release of precious growth hormone needed for muscle and joint repair. Our bodies function under a circadian rhythm so keeping a regular sleep/wake cycle along with morning light exposure to your retina is a good start point. You will learn the solutions to achieve your precious sleep.

· Anti-Inflammatory diet: My focus for you will be supporting you towards a Mediterranean Pattern of eating for your wellness which Dr Sweet has modified for women in perimenopause, menopause and beyond. I can’t wait to help you discover the specific nutrients you need to help you heal as well as give you more energy.

· Low impact exercise - when your joints are aching, our Pilates Reformer is an ideal solution as it enables you to gently strengthen, lengthen and release tension. This is a great low impact option for rebuilding strength and managing injuries without putting additional stress and strain on sore joints as you discover how to turn your joint health around.

· Myofascial release, stretching and massage all help reduce inflammation and assist lymphatic drainage – so let’s get into some miraculous myofascial release work. As we move into menopause and beyond, our ligaments and tendons become tighter due to declining oestrogen. This means we also lose some elasticity in the surrounding muscle fascia.

· Reduce Stress, Stress is a continual companion for women in mid-life as they juggle so many demands. That’s why I’m not only passionate about Pilates and Movement but I’m also passionate about you learning to ‘connect-the-dots’ between nerve changes in menopause, elevated levels of your stress hormone cortisol, and the power of learning evidenced strategies to calm the chaos.

Email for more information or to schedule a one on one session and get your midlife health back on track!

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