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All of our classes are beginner friendly and supportive of all ages and fitness levels!


Our class numbers are restricted to ensure that we can offer hands-on correction and attention for each participant; our goal is to set you up for your individual success.




Things to know before your first class  


Please arrive 5-10 minutes early to allow time to complete our registration form and discuss any health concerns or injuries ahead with your instructor, be sure to let us know if you are pre or post-natal.

You will require grippy socks for our Barre classes which are available for purchase at reception.


Booking & Cancellation Policy 


As our class numbers are limited, we recommend booking in advance for classes. 

We have a 4 hour cancellation policy for all our group classes and 12 hours for Reformer or private sessions. Late cancellations and no shows will be charged.


Our dynamic, high energy barre class will keep you on your toes, heart pumping, thighs shaking & butt feeling the burn! Fusing elements of Pilates, Ballet & Yoga this class ticks all the boxes, offering a full body workout that incorporates cardiovascular, strength & resistance training under the careful guidance of your experienced instructor to ensure correct technique and alignment. 

Barre will improve fitness, muscle strength & tone along with flexibility & posture; we recommend 2-3 classes per week to see results quickly.  Classes are beginner friendly with no dance experience required.


Beginners Barre

A gentle introduction to our Barre workout. Suitable for beginners as well as pre and post natal clients.


Focus on technique, alignment and barre fundamentals. 

Pilates Resist & Tone  (Stick)

The Pilates Stick is a portable body sculpting system which attaches to our ballet barre’s ensuring a resistance workout for the entire body which you can control the intensity of making it suitable for all levels of fitness. 


A combination of Pilates and functional training exercises with a strong focus on core stability, this class keeps you moving to ensure a cardio element as well.  Class sizes are limited to ensure Instructor hands on assistance as needed. 


Pilates Fusion

Pilates is the foundation or building block for all our classes as it focuses on the core postural muscles which support the spine.

Pilates improves posture, addresses muscle imbalances, improves circulation & sculpts a long lean muscle creating a trimmer appearance.

Our Xtend Pilates Fusion classes are mat based classes that integrate Pilates props and ensure that you understand the basic Pilates principals which are fundamental for all our classes


Pilates/TRX Stretch & Strength

A Pilates-based class designed to strengthen, tone and stretch, incorporating the TRX and Pilates props. 


Combining strength, alignment and balance this class gives you the opportunity to try both pilates on the reformer, and body weight training with the TRX.

Challenge whole body movement with precision, power and good posture in a fun circuit style class.


TRX Suspension Training uses bodyweight exercises to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously.


This class utilizes the TRX Suspension Trainer, a performance training tool that leverages gravity and the user's body weight to complete a wide variety of exercises for a total body workout.


Fit Ball

Find those deep stabilizing core muscles in this balance and stability class.


The flow of movement, lengthening, and conditioning are also added for a fun twist to your training. This class uses the Swiss Ball.


Power Yoga - Vinyasa Flow

Find your flow in a dynamic class. Creative sequences fused with traditional teachings.


Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga targets the connective tissues around hips, pelvis and lower spine including ligaments and joints. A series of long held poses that over a 3- 5 minute period allow the body to soften. Combined with breath work we access a deeper relaxed state for the mind and physical body.


Barre HIIT

BarreHIIT is a fusion of Barre technique, functional training exercises and traditional Pilates strength exercises. A dynamic class that uses upbeat music, it provides high-energy interval peaks to improve cardio endurance and encourage continual fat-burning. Resistance exercises on and off the bar will sculpt and tone the body. Props may be used to challenge and vary the training effect.

Pilates Reformer  

Pilates Reformer is the ultimate Pilates resistance workout on our MVE reformer machines. Create longer, leaner muscles, maximise core strength, improve posture, correct muscular imbalances & reduce back pain. Suitable for all levels from those wanting to rehabilitate from injury to athletes wishing to improve performance. Maximum of 5 per class.

Please note that our Pilates Reformer classes have a different pricing structure to our group classes as these are limited to a maximum of 5 clients. We require 12 hours notice for cancellation for reformer classes. Private or small groups can be arranged to suit by contacting Viv 021 2455441


Fitbumps & Fitmums

FITBumps and FITMums Yoga, Pilates and Strengthening is an excellent way to prepare your body for all of the changes it goes through during pregnancy, childbirth, and being a Mum.


The yoga component teaches strength and stamina, as well as concentration and breath control, invaluable tools during labor and birth and beyond. Pilates will help maintain muscular strength, promote good posture & alignment and you will learn stretches that are essential to self-care. Strengthening is an important part of a fitness regimen as it increases body awareness, addresses the pelvic floor, develops functional strength, opens tight hips and can alleviate common low back pain.


This class is appropriate for women in all stages of pregnancy and postnatal from 6 weeks. No prior knowledge of yoga or Pilates is needed.

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