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Private Sessions

Do you need a little extra support?

We offer private, duo’s, or small private group sessions to suit outside of our class schedule. We have a highly experienced team available for private sessions that are tailored to your needs. 


Our areas of expertise include:

  • Pilates rehabilitation post injury

  • Pre/post-natal

  • Rebuilding strength, muscle mass & tone

  • Weight Loss & Women's healthy aging programmes 



Private reformer

Meet our experts

Viv Gallagher pilates studio owner expert trainer

Studio Owner - Viv Gallagher

Passionate about Pilates and Movement, Studio Owner Viv Gallagher has more than 25years experience in the fitness industry. Trained in a wide variety of Pilates styles Viv’s coaching reflects her versatility, experience and her ability to come up with a uniquely personalised plan to best suit her clients needs. As a certified menopause healthPractitioner and having completed studies in Women's healthy aging, Viv’s key area of interest is in women’s midlife health and combining effective movement prescription and lifestyle solutions in a way that is the most beneficial to our female bodies.

Meech Aspden expert pilates master trainer

Meech Aspden

Meech has extensive experience in multiple modalities and specialises in Clinical Pilates. Meech attributes her high success rate in injury rehabilitation with back pain, loss of
joint mobility and soft tissue injuries to her passion for understanding the human anatomy and biomechanics.


She takes a pragmatic and individualised programming approach using a combination of Pilates,functional training, stretch techniques and myofascial release.

Esther Hankinson pilates teacher

Esther Hankinson

Esther has over 15 years teaching experience, and is a Polestar Pilates mentor for instructors in training.


Esther’s passion lies in helping clients to align and strengthen their bodies. So often people suffer unnecessarily from pain, purely because of weakness and misalignment. Teaching people to move well, which will automatically recruit and strengthen the correct muscles, is beneficial for clients in and out of the studio.

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