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Empower Yourself...

Your health and fitness is not predetermined by a set of genetically pre-programmed medical conditions or injuries.... Empower yourself, you can make changes!

I have observed over my many years of teaching that there are 2 types of clients... 1/. Those that are motivated and committed to make positive changes to their health and fitness regardless of their start point, personal circumstances, medical history, genetics, injuries and any other obstacles life throws at them, and 2/. Those that believe they are unable to change their status quo and are limited by their attitude and acceptance of their injuries, genetics, medical history and personal circumstances. Which client do you want to be???

I have had some truly inspirational clients over the years who have achieved incredible results in their health and fitness, overcoming injuries and other health issues through movement, building strength and fitness, improving mobility and putting in place the right lifestyle solutions. Their success has come down to their attitude and motivation to make positive changes. As I have aged myself, I have become much more interested in healthy aging research, particularly Women's Healthy aging and over the past few years I have been studying in this area. Why some of us age better than others is so much more than genetics.

Professor Rose Anne Kenny draws on research and the latest evidence in her book "Age Proof" to demystify why we age and shows us that 80% of our aging biology is within our control with genetics only attributing to 20% up until the age of 80 years, after which it does play a bigger part. The now popular term healthspan applies to the length of time we live in good health as opposed to our age span, the priority is of course to extend our healthspan as opposed to our lifespan if it is not in great health. The cliche that you are only as old as you feel really does hold some credibility. It all comes down to attitude and lifestyle choices and behavior change...

Behavior change is continual and involves moving between stages, this is normal, human, and we all need support and motivation along the way. If you research behavior change you will see different theories and stages as behavior change is complex and so unique to each individual. The Transtheoretical Model in relation to health change consists of 5 stages:

  • Precontemplation

  • Contemplation

  • Preparation

  • Action

  • Maintenance & relapse prevention

No matter what stage you are at on your behavior change journey we are here to help guide you, problem solve, motivate and inspire you! To learn more you can also listen to Zoe Science & Nutrition interview with Professor Rose Kenny.

Contact us to book a private session and learn how we can support you to thrive.

Viv Gallagher/ Studio Owner

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