COVID-19 Studio Protocol:

  • Class sizes are reduced to ensure social distancing space of 2 meters, your instructor will guide you on your position on class

  • A hand Sanitiser station is located in the common area outside of the studio in addition to inside the Studio at reception, please wash your hands and/or use the had sanitiser provided before and after classes.

  • Please ensure that your Instructor has signed you into class and that your contact email and mobile numbers are up to date in your booking profile as we need to keep record of all attendees to meet with government requirements at L2.

  • Please wear Pilates socks for classes and bring your own towel, we will continue to provide mats but encourage you to bring your own if you prefer. 

  • All surfaces and equipment are regularly cleaned using the Zoono products which have been certified highly effective against COVID19. Please wipe down your mats and any equipment used with the sprays and wipes provided, you will be advised on the required procedure by your instructor and additional time is allowed to post class for cleaning and transitioning between classes.

  • Please do not attend classes if you are unwell or if you have been in contact with anyone else that has been unwell or may have been in contact with COVID-19.